Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I guess we all have different intrepretations of what Valentines jewelry is for us. I am not so much the "hearts and cupids" kind of gal. I guess being a Southern Californian (by way of Minnesota and Illinois, mind you!) I see love and passion through a different filter. I am especially inspired by the love I see in the beach and ocean. This starfish necklace has a nod to Valentine's Day in my use of the dark red carnelian and a red starfish. Starfish have incredible symbolism, and here is what the symbolism means to me on this day of love!

The five arms of the Starfish are symbolic of the five forms of earthly happiness: Wealth, Longevity, Peace, Virtue and Health.

Wealth--of love and adoration. This is deeper and far more profound than the "greenback" kind of wealth! A wealth of love for others and for you from others. A wealth of love for yourself, as it is important to love yourself openly and freely to love others! Wealth of joy, laughter (good for the soul!) and passion.

Longevity--a long life to enjoy those you love! A long lifetime of love with your soulmate, your significant other, your family. I think many of us would trade in much of our "greenback" wealth to live minutes, hours, days and weeks longer with those that we love. Leaving a legacy represents longevity to me as well, as you continue to live on in the hearts of others.

Peace--peace of mind, peace in your heart, peace with other people. Life is too short for strife, to forgive is difficult, but vital to maintain a peaceful existence with those with love...and to role model conflict management and forgiveness to our children so that they only know peace in their lives.

Virtue--to me this is living life honestly. No moral judgements here, but to be good to yourself, good to others, to live life to your moral boundaries and feel content with living in that virtuous state. Virtue to me is much like the Golden onto others as you would have them do onto you.

Health--well, isn't this really the foundation of it all? Without good health, it is hard for us to live the kind of life that we truly desire. So, to live with moderation, to get out and enjoy the beautiful world around us, to walk the beach, to eat fresh food, to travel and see the amazing world around us...all of these things are so enjoyable and help to make and keep us healthy.

All of those wonderful symbols from this amazing sea creature!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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