Friday, December 28, 2007

Welcome, 2008!

I am excited for 2008, as I believe it will be an exciting least for me! Here are my commitments...what are yours?

1. I am making the commitment that this year to be the year I stop dieting and make a serious lifestyle change. I want to lose weight, but mostly to get healthier, make my heart healthier and live longer to enjoy the people that I love! Check out Lifechange2008 to see how I am going to achieve that change! And, in the process, I hope to help other's realize their potential to change their lifestyle and get healthier!

2. I am making the commitment to growing my jewelry business, and launching at least one other business idea with my fiance. Check out K. A. Mace Jewelry to see what I am offering for 2008! I am doing this to try to continue to work from home so that I can be there for the people who really need me two babies! I also offer ways for others to join the K. A. Mace Jewelry team and sell my jewelry as a commissioned jewelry sales rep! I love to help others make money, too!

3. I am making the commitment to a new relationship (well, a year in the works, so obviously the commitment is already there!) and look forward to marrying an amazing man this year! We are brining together two fantastic families, and I truly hope that it brings everyone involved more love and stability. It is not easy to bring two families together, but I believe that the more that we love, the more love we get in return!

4. I am making the commitment to dedicate myself and my resources to assisting other artists get exposed to a wider audience. I am part of TalentDatabase, where really great networking occurs in a diverse artistic community. I will be blogging and trying to spotlight other artists in the hope that building and developing that community brings us all more business, and more ways to develop our art!

Whew! I am glad that I have the whole year ahead of me, that is quite a list! Wish me luck, and I hope that you find yourself part of these commitments!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Looking to the New Year!

I can hardly believe that the Holidays are upon us, I am still scratching my head wondering where October went!

Looking ahead to the New Year, K. A. Mace offers a special Virtual Jewelry Trunk Show to jewelry lovers everywhere! Many of us have hosted or attended home jewelry parties, or other home parties in which we bought candles, gift baskets, makeup or other products. I know that I personally have NOT been able to attend countless home parties due to work schedules, not having a babysitter for the kids, being out of town, etc. So...K. A. Mace unveils her Virtual Jewelry Trunk Show to make buying jewelry fun and easy...and lucrative for those of you who "host" the Virtual Jewelry Trunk Show! And...who couldn't use some extra $$$ to pay off those holiday bills!!!

Here is how it works:

1. Contact Kelly Alvarez Mace at to inform her of your interest in hosting a Virtual Jewelry Trunk Show.

2. Create a mailing list for K. A. Mace, and at no charge, she will send a special newsletter on your behalf to invite your friends and family to the K. A. Mace Jewelry Trunk Show! In this newsletter will be special pieces of jewelry exclusive to your Trunk Show, and/or special discounts or offers! This is your Trunk Show, so K. A. Mace will work with you to make it personal and special!

K. A. Mace can create exclusive collections that focus on a special price range, on specific gemstones of your choice, or any specific theme that you have in mind!

3. For an entire week (or longer, if you prefer), your friends and family can order K. A. Mace Jewelry using a code that will be offered to them on the newsletter. This will ensure that you get credit for the sales from your Virtual Trunk Show!

4. Any offers, discounts, or exclusive promotions will be extended to you, your friends and family, and highlighted in the newsletter. Offers are extended to all people to whom the newsletter is forwarded to as well.

5. For all orders received during your Virtual Trunk Show, you will receive a 10% commission!!! Yes, upon completion of all orders, including receipt of full payment for all of the orders, you will receive a check in your name that is 10% of the total of all of your Virtual Trunk Show orders! This is not all! If TWO of YOUR Virtual Trunk Show attendees book their own K. A. Mace Jewelry Trunk Shows, you will receive another 5% in commission! Your total commission could be as much as 15%!

K. A. Mace does all of the work for your Virtual Jewelry Trunk Show! You do not need to be bothered with orders, K. A. Mace compiles all orders and does all of the paperwork. K. A. Mace Jewelry accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Paypal so you do not have to worry about the awkward task of collecting money from friends and family. K. A. Mace offers everyday free shipping and handling, so all orders are packed and shipped by K. A. Mace. Could there be an easier way to make a commission while supporting a fellow entrepreneur?

6. You will also receive a K. A. Mace Gift Certificate in the amount of 10% of the total for you to apply toward your own order of K. A. Mace Jewelry! This jewelry order is also included in your total commission amount!

Contact K. A. Mace Jewelry to book your Virtual Jewelry Trunk Show today! The bigger your mailing list, the greater your commission! You could be a Commissioned Jewelry Sales Representative TODAY!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Cartier, Bulgari and K. A. Mace Jewelry

Yes! It is officially true. Cartier and Bulgari have followed the lead of K. A. Mace Jewelry in swearing off rubies. Okay, well, I cannot prove that they are following my lead exactly...but, top jewelers are not buying rubies according to Fortune Magazine, Dec 10, 2007 issue. Why? Due to the actions of the military regime in Myanmar (where 90% of rubies are mined) the jewelry industry is hoping to avoid a PR disaster like the controvery surrounding the "blood diamonds" mined in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

I do take a stand on how and where I buy gemstones and findings as it is important to me to create jewelry with a social conscience. I try to buy findings that are Fair Trade Certified (including some of the findings used in the pictured piece above). I ask suppliers for proof of origin and want to make sure that I am buying conflict-free gemstones.

In today's world of imported items from countries with questionable labor practices, lack of protection for workers and their rights, rampant destruction of precious natural resources, oppressive political regimes, and other abuses, we all need to think about what we are buying and ultimately what we are supporting. Support K. A. Mace in her effort to buy Fair Trade Certified and create socially conscious jewelry. Not only will you look great in these designs, but feel good about the investment you have made in the jewelry as well!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Jewelry

I get countless requests for Holiday Jewelry, and this is one of my favorite pieces to refer to customers! Holidays at the Beach!

There are five special reasons that I believe that these gorgeous Starfish convey five incredible messages for the Holiday Season:

The five arms of the Starfish are symbolic of the five forms of earthly happiness: Wealth, Longevity, Peace, Virtue and Health.

Wealth: Focusing not just on monetary wealth, but wealth of spirit and love. This is not about how fat your portfolio is (although having monetary stability is a very good thing!) but about how fat your heart is with love!!!

Longevity: Living long and strong to enjoy friends and family for many more Holidays. Enjoying generations to come!

Peace: Living with peace in our families, peace of mind, peace on a global scale. How I wish it were as easy as living with peace in our everyday lives to spread that message of peace throughout the world!

Virtue: Living with the Golden Rule in mind. Nothing judgemental here, just treat others as you would want them to treat you!

Health: Being good to your body to live happier and longer. And, it is perfect that this is the last one, as it seems to be the foundation to achieving the other forms of earthly happiness!

Give the gift of a K. A. Mace Jewelry Starfish Necklace to someone you love to share these five forms of earthly happiness this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Other pursuits and distractions!

So...the other weekend, my mom taught me some basic knitting. I have been wanting to try my hand at knitting for awhile, and finally got brave enough to try it! And, I am really amazed and surprised by the gorgeous results! This is my very own scarf!

My mom and I went to one of our favorite shops for all kinds of needlework supplies (my mom knits and crochets, I do a lot of cross stitch and needlepoint) to find some fun yarn and supplies. Strands and Stitches in Laguna Beach is an amazing shop for unusual things and they have a wonderfully knowledgeable staff. They also do a lot of classes, workshops and even one-on-one tutorials.

I was immediately drawn to some of the dramatic blues, and honed in on this wonderful turquoise blue. The yarn is handcrafted kettle dyed wool from Manos del Uruguay. This is a non-profit organization of artisans that helps to bring economic and social opportunities to rural women. Beautiful wool!

I am almost done, it will be a full 84" long. YUMMY! I am scheming up some interesting fringe or some kind of cool way to finish it off...

Just a little distraction from my jewelry designs! Don't forget that all K. A. Mace Jewelry orders must completed by 12/15 for holiday shipping!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I love Beer and Whisky!

Yes, that is right! I am a Beer and Whisky kind of gal! A shot and a chaser?? NO! Beer and Whisky Quartz! Intoxicating stones without the nasty hangover!

Beer and Whisky Quartz are a couple of true Quartz stunners! Just behold the Beer Quartz briolette drops on the hand-woven Cross Necklace (the Sarah Necklace) and the Whisky Quartz briolette drops on the hand-woven Cross Earrings (the Victoria Earrings). Truly gorgeous earth-tone colors that look rich and regal!

Beer Quartz is a gorgeous hue of gold, like a glass of light ale. Sometimes Beer Quartz has a golden tone with a green undercurrent. Whisky Quartz is a richer, deeper color, the hue of a glass of fine whisky, neat!

Are you in need of some energy and/or healing? Beer Quartz is one of the most versatile multi-purpose healing stones. Beer Quartz can both draw and send energy. Wear the most powerful clear ones for meditation, sending/receiving guidance. (and I only source the clear ones!) Beer Quartz can stimulate natural crystals in your body's tissues and fluids to resonate at new healing frequency.

Come and take a shot of Beer or Whisky with K. A. Mace Jewelry! Intoxicating stones and jewelry, without the hangover!