Wednesday, January 30, 2008

San Clemente

Love this picture of the San Clemente pier! My fiance took this picture, and to me it is just the epitome of winter at the beach. The colors and moods captured in this picture are exactly how I think of the beach in the cooler, sometimes rainy, winter months.

We took the kids to Fisherman's, one of our favorite restaurants in San Clemente. The weather was not exactly perfect beach weather, but the kids had been sick all week so it was great to get out and still enjoy the sand and fresh ocean air!

I have found a lot of inspiration in San Clemente for my jewelry, even have named one of my favorite necklaces after San Clemente. Oddly...I created that piece a few years ago, yet it perfectly captures the colors of this picture taken only a few days ago.

This is a special treasure inspired by the natural beauty and wonder of the beaches around San Clemente. The Iolite Necklace is hand-knotted with interesting Iolite roundels. Iolite has a unique quality in that it appears to be slightly different colors from different angles. The Iolite can range from a deep, purple-blue to a blue-gray. A truly amazing stone that makes a special statement piece. The drop consists of a Blue Coin Pearl and three chain drops of Iolite. Like wearing a piece of San Clemente with you every where you go!

Timeless inspiration, timeless jewelry!


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AprilDawn said...

that is gorgeous! I needed that!