Thursday, January 1, 2009

January Birthstone Feature: Garnet

The birthstone for January is the Garnet, and can also be Rose Quartz. The traditional color for the January birthstone is that lovely deep classic Red Garnet. However, Garnets come in an amazing range of hues. I love Garnets, and here is some information from my website, K. A. Mace Jewelry, regarding Garnets:

Garnets have a wonderful history of being a much-desired and sought-after gemstone. Garnets were once carried by travelers to keep them safe when they were far from home. Garnets were used in Asia and in the American Southwest as bullets, as it was believed that the deep, rich red color would cause more deadly wounds. Noah used a garnet lantern to steer the Ark at night.

Today, Garnets are much more than the red stone that most of us are familiar with from antique jewelry. Indeed, the Garnet is found in almost every hue but blue! Here are the Garnets found in this Collection:

Green Garnets:

(image from, photo by K. A. Mace)

Green Garnets, or Grossularite (Grossular Garnets), range from yellow to green to brown. Most of the Green Garnets in this collection fall in this range--the olive greens to dark, bright greens. Some Green Garnets are also knows as Tsavorite, and these Garnets are an emerald-green. This Garnet is found only as small accents in this collection.

Mandarin Garnets:

(image from, photo by K. A. Mace)

Mandarin Garnets, or Spessartine Garnets, are bright, vivid orange stones. These Garnets are stunning in the way that they catch the light and truly glow! This color is stunning for any season!

"Grape" Garnets:

(image from, photo by K. A. Mace)

Grape Garnets are a purplish-red to violet colored Garnet. These garnets are a vivid, unusual color and are stunning when paired with the other Garnet colors.

"Raspberry" Garnets:

(image from, photo by K. A. Mace)

"Raspberry" Garnets are a raspberry red--a wonderfully vibrant dark pink color. This color is referred to as "dark pink" throughout this collection.

Red Garnets:

(image from, photo by K. A. Mace)

Red Garnets are found in different varieties, each with different tones. Pyrope, is a fiery red. The Pyrope Garnets found in Arizona are called "Anthill Garnet" as they are actually mined by ants creating their anthills! Almandine Garnets are a deep red to reddish-brown. The Red Garnets in this collection are a beautiful, rich brick red.

Try one color...or try them all!

Find your perfect January Birthstone jewelry at K. A. Mace Jewelry! Happy January Birthday!

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