Friday, December 28, 2007

Welcome, 2008!

I am excited for 2008, as I believe it will be an exciting least for me! Here are my commitments...what are yours?

1. I am making the commitment that this year to be the year I stop dieting and make a serious lifestyle change. I want to lose weight, but mostly to get healthier, make my heart healthier and live longer to enjoy the people that I love! Check out Lifechange2008 to see how I am going to achieve that change! And, in the process, I hope to help other's realize their potential to change their lifestyle and get healthier!

2. I am making the commitment to growing my jewelry business, and launching at least one other business idea with my fiance. Check out K. A. Mace Jewelry to see what I am offering for 2008! I am doing this to try to continue to work from home so that I can be there for the people who really need me two babies! I also offer ways for others to join the K. A. Mace Jewelry team and sell my jewelry as a commissioned jewelry sales rep! I love to help others make money, too!

3. I am making the commitment to a new relationship (well, a year in the works, so obviously the commitment is already there!) and look forward to marrying an amazing man this year! We are brining together two fantastic families, and I truly hope that it brings everyone involved more love and stability. It is not easy to bring two families together, but I believe that the more that we love, the more love we get in return!

4. I am making the commitment to dedicate myself and my resources to assisting other artists get exposed to a wider audience. I am part of TalentDatabase, where really great networking occurs in a diverse artistic community. I will be blogging and trying to spotlight other artists in the hope that building and developing that community brings us all more business, and more ways to develop our art!

Whew! I am glad that I have the whole year ahead of me, that is quite a list! Wish me luck, and I hope that you find yourself part of these commitments!

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