Friday, December 14, 2007

Cartier, Bulgari and K. A. Mace Jewelry

Yes! It is officially true. Cartier and Bulgari have followed the lead of K. A. Mace Jewelry in swearing off rubies. Okay, well, I cannot prove that they are following my lead exactly...but, top jewelers are not buying rubies according to Fortune Magazine, Dec 10, 2007 issue. Why? Due to the actions of the military regime in Myanmar (where 90% of rubies are mined) the jewelry industry is hoping to avoid a PR disaster like the controvery surrounding the "blood diamonds" mined in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

I do take a stand on how and where I buy gemstones and findings as it is important to me to create jewelry with a social conscience. I try to buy findings that are Fair Trade Certified (including some of the findings used in the pictured piece above). I ask suppliers for proof of origin and want to make sure that I am buying conflict-free gemstones.

In today's world of imported items from countries with questionable labor practices, lack of protection for workers and their rights, rampant destruction of precious natural resources, oppressive political regimes, and other abuses, we all need to think about what we are buying and ultimately what we are supporting. Support K. A. Mace in her effort to buy Fair Trade Certified and create socially conscious jewelry. Not only will you look great in these designs, but feel good about the investment you have made in the jewelry as well!

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