Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Jewelry

I get countless requests for Holiday Jewelry, and this is one of my favorite pieces to refer to customers! Holidays at the Beach!

There are five special reasons that I believe that these gorgeous Starfish convey five incredible messages for the Holiday Season:

The five arms of the Starfish are symbolic of the five forms of earthly happiness: Wealth, Longevity, Peace, Virtue and Health.

Wealth: Focusing not just on monetary wealth, but wealth of spirit and love. This is not about how fat your portfolio is (although having monetary stability is a very good thing!) but about how fat your heart is with love!!!

Longevity: Living long and strong to enjoy friends and family for many more Holidays. Enjoying generations to come!

Peace: Living with peace in our families, peace of mind, peace on a global scale. How I wish it were as easy as living with peace in our everyday lives to spread that message of peace throughout the world!

Virtue: Living with the Golden Rule in mind. Nothing judgemental here, just treat others as you would want them to treat you!

Health: Being good to your body to live happier and longer. And, it is perfect that this is the last one, as it seems to be the foundation to achieving the other forms of earthly happiness!

Give the gift of a K. A. Mace Jewelry Starfish Necklace to someone you love to share these five forms of earthly happiness this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!


Dharma Designs said...

STUNNING necklace - I love it!!!!

plasticpumpkin said...

Very nice design. I like the way you're displaying it, too.

White_Rabbit said...

Very beautiful indeed!

sonal said...

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