Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blogging Inspiration

Oh my! I got the most GORGEOUS magazine the other day title "Artful Blogging". I had seen someone mention it in an Etsy forum, and checked it out. Such amazing featured artists, beautiful blogs, lovely prose...makes me want to be a blogger "when I grow up"!

I really recommend Artful Blogging to anyone who is a blogger, or who simply admires beautiful blogs. I feel very inspired to truly think about other boundaries to my blog, to include more artists in my blog, and to truly dive into my own inspirations with my jewelry and other artistic endeavors that I want to develop.

I have been thinking of my blog as a way to communicate what I am doing with my jewelry, new collections, new retailers, etc. But to just take a quiet, thoughtful approach to the whole of my business is something that I am very interested in undertaking. I love photography, yet share only the pictures that I take of my jewelry for the most part. I love needlepoint, cross stitch and now even knitting, but spend very little blog space about how that brings a different kind of joy and energy to me.

Time to dig a bit deeper. Peel away another layer.

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