Friday, January 4, 2008

Other Inspirations!

I love to create, in many different mediums. I love jewelry design, it is my passion, and I often dream in jewelry, no lie! However, my other love is needlepoint and cross stitch. I love the needle arts! And, with my obsessive nature, I can get lost for hours in a project! Here is one of my latest creations!

She reminds me of the works of Diego Rivera and also Frida Kahlo. I have one of Rivera's prints from his flower vendor series, and she reminds me a bit of one of those gorgeous women. There is also something about Kahlo in this, in the proportions, I think...and how improbable it would be for these two little birds to be resting on her lap as well! I was blessed to visit their homes and studios outside of Mexico City, and this takes me there every time I view it. I was a Latin American Studies Major at Carleton College, and this brings me back to those studies and my passion and love for their work and their influence on other artists around the world.

Here is another one that I adore, and this is a nod to my love of organic elements! I love to decorate in a della robia style, meaning a style that is decorated or enhanced with fruit. Year around I love to have greenery, fruit and other organic elements in my home. It inspires me, it remindes me of the vitality of life, and fuels my love of bringing the great outdoors to the indoors!

This one was insane to do. First of all, it was my very first needlepoint project, after years of cross stitch! Secondly, the fibers were tough to work with, Very Velvet, Flair, different silks, Neon Rays...but I loved every single stitch and absolutely and proud of my final results!

And, thanks to a smart framer at Aaron Brothers, it is very simply and elegantly framed. No matte, no glass. I was concerned for the safety of the piece, however, without the glass you are able to really get the full effect of the variety of fibers. You can see how fuzzy the peaches are, how silky the apples are, how wet and shiny the cherries are...

Just wanted to share another side of Kelly Alvarez Mace. Off to make jewelry! (And a few more stitches in my newest project!) Thanks and enjoy!

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