Monday, January 7, 2008

January "Babies"--Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to all of the LUCKY January Babies out there!
Why so lucky? The January Birthstone is GARNET, one of my favorite gemstones with which to work! Garnets come in an amazing array of color, purple or "grape" garnets are featured in the necklace above. K. A. Mace Jewelry has countless garnet options for you to choose from for those you know and love that have a birthday in January!

Above is a lovely Pink Garnet Cluster Ring. Pink Garnets are seriously yummy, they tend to have a very lovely deep, rich pink color. K. A. Mace has many signature Cluster Rings and other Cluster designs!

Red Garnets are one of the more common Garnet colors that are featured in jewelry designs. Red Garnets can range from a clear red to a deep, almost black-red. I love to mix the other Garnet colors with Red Garnets, and I also use Red Garnets with one of my other favorite stones, Beer Quartz. Red Garnet is beautifully dramatic, and is a classic color that truly transcends the seasons!

Green Garnets are beautiful to work with as well as they range from soft, clear greens to emerald green to deep forest greens. If you are looking for Green Garnet jewelry, K. A. Mace has some of the most extensive collections of greens, one of her Green Garnet necklaces was featured in InStyle Magazine!

And, yes, I saved the best for last! Mandarin Garnets are an amazing hue of orange, and are one of my favorite garnet colors. This Garnet is such an exciting color to play with. Mandarin Garnets look fantastic mixed with the other garnet colors...see how gorgeous:

Please contact me with any questions or inquiries regarding the K. A. Mace Jewelry designs featured here in Garnet! Happy Birthday to all those January Babies!


Brittani Ama said...

Those are fantastic photos of fantastic jewelry. keep it up

Jill said...

Those are beautiful pieces. I think the garnet earrings are especially gorgeous.

GreenSpaceGoods said...

wow. those mandarin garnets look delicious! I'm a January baby! Thank you :)