Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Investing in my Business

I have been in a Diet Coke Detox fog for a day or two, but slowly...that fog is rising...and boy, do I see a bright, sunny day ahead! And...here is a cool part...I just figured out how to find some additional cash to invest in my business!

I have figured out two key purchases that I made in feeding my caffeine craze: Starbucks and Diet Cokes. Starbucks I had to give up, working from home and economizing just did not allow for that daily addiction. So, figuring that I went at least 6 days a week (and sometimes, I would go two times in the same day!), with an average of about $5.00 (venti, extra shots, the not-so-occasional scone or muffin!), with 52 weeks in the year...drum roll...I am now saving $1560.00. Yes, $1560.00!

And, referring to my lifechange2008 blog, I will save at least another $547.50 a year by no longer indulging in Diet Coke. (I will not bore you with that math, you can see it on the other blog post!).

So, I have $2107.50 that I could invest in K. A. Mace Jewelry instead. Or...put toward my retirement...or put in my "Jackson" fund...or put in a vacation fund...or put a bit toward all of it. I truly am proud that I am focusing on my wellness, and proud to be saving precious money. I am even more proud that I could invest that money in things that are truly worthwhile and give me a RETURN on that investment...like my jewelry design business, or something special for my family to enjoy. Otherwise, I am simply lining the pockets of other big corporations.

What could you do differently to line your pockets, what would you want to cut back on to save money, or free up that money to invest in yourself, your business, or your family?


Contrariwise said...

It's easy to get hooked on Starbucks. It's amazing how just a few bucks a day can add up over the year. Good for you for kicking the Starbucks habit!

Chocolate and Steel said...

I just had this same conversation the other night with a friend. We thought the money could go towards a vacation. But I guess it's more responsible to go towards your business. I have started to recycle my cans and bottles for cash. It's not a ton of money, but it has become my advertising fund.

Field Notes said...

I once added up the cost of all the lattes, sandwiches, and clam chowder I bought from the kiosk next to my building during grad school - it was SCARY! Turns out by bringing food & drinks from home, I could have completely paid off one of my student loans. Oh if I could turn back time!

PamperingBeki said...

Good for you!