Monday, November 10, 2008

Cheap Chic...or is it "Cheap is Chic"?

Cheap Chic...

For all of those recessionistas out there, we are truly finding that "Cheap Chic" is getting easier and easier to come by. Target has recently announced that it will be launching a collection in March 2009 by none other than Alexander McQueen. This collection is part of their "Designer Collaborations", which will introduce well-established designers to the Target guest, at Target prices!

McQueen is known for his impeccable tailoring and fantastic details, and the line for Target apparently will be under the "McQ" label. Target has long held the banner of "Cheap Chic" and has been collaborating with a wide variety of designers throughout multiple departments in the store. And, this is not to be confused with their "Target Go International" design collaborations which have helped to spotlight smaller, indie designers to a wider mass market.

"Cheap is Chic"

As much as Target has had success with such upscale offerings to their guests, Wal-Mart never quite fared as well with attempting to introduce trendier, fashion-oriented lines to their customers about a year or so ago. Core customers did not get this attempt to offer a more upscale offering, and quite frankly, those of us that have looked to the designers that Target was able to spotlight...well, come on, most of us dissed Wal-Mart, did not respond to those offerings and they never got that "cool" factor that they were searching for.

However, with all of us cutting back, being cheap is totally chic! Wal-Mart posted one of the best October sales results because consumers are cutting back, are looking for great prices, and they are able to leverage their position as a low price leader! Their ads are fresher, they focus on real world families and how they can save while still enjoying their every day activities. I can certainly attest to seeing more luxury vehicles in the parking lot of my Wal-Mart store, and I am doing more and more of my shopping at Wal-Mart in my attempt to get the best price on toiletries and other basic items.

So, for many of of us for many years, Cheap Chic is completely chic no matter what the price tag says! And, now, being cheap is truly chic as so many of us need to watch what we are spending as these uncertain economic times unfold before us.

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