Monday, November 17, 2008

Fashion Accessories Save Lives!

Did you know that your favorite fashion accessory might just save your life?

I recently read about Elizabeth Pittenger, a 22-year-old Middle Tennessee State University Student. Her fashion accessory, her “oversized bag” saved her life!

Ms. Pittenger was simply walking to her car on campus when she was accosted by a man who demanded her bag, cell phone and her laptop. She fought the man off and he shot at her. Yes, SHOT AT HER!

Her purse saved her life, as the bullet was later found inside the purse! The purse suffered some damage, along with her calculator, umbrella and a small case.
Most importantly, she was not hurt at all. Her assailant was later caught and arrested.

I had recently read that gun sales are on the rise, according to an online edition of The New York Times, “Nationally, rifle and handgun sales surged 17 percent, for example, in May, compared with May 2007, according to FBI figures.” I say, “Ladies, don’t buy a gun. Buy a really big purse to defend yourself!”

Here are just a few of my staunch defenders!

My stuffed Grey Coach Bag, an amazing safety shield for me. As long as I can lift the darn thing, it weighs a ton!

This lovely pebbled Brown Coach bag has lots of hardware on it, further enhancing the safety quotient! Plus, any little marks, nicks or bullet holes can kind of be rubbed out of the leather, so very cool!

My teal blue Isabella Fiore bag...good hardware ratio and so colorful it has the power to mesmerize potential bad guys (or bad girls!) and drain them of their evil intentions.

Anyone who knows and loves me knows how I love my big handbags. I know I feel safer knowing that my lovely leather goods could come to my aid, my accessories will be my shield against danger and deceit, and my keen fashion sense will be a bit like Spiderman’s “Spidey Sense” and alert me when evil doers are in my midst.

Okay, maybe not. But it is a great excuse to get another big handbag for the holidays! Grab your big bag, be safe this holiday season!

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kim* said...

it may happen yes, i look too poor for anyone to want to steal from me lol