Saturday, November 8, 2008

Eye shadow Addictions, Continued

I must divulge even more about my addiction to eye shadow, and confess that I had recently purchased some of the most innovative and amazing products that I have seen in a long time, Eye Shadow "appliqués". So very cool.

I got this on Sephora, really more as a "Wow, What the heck is this?" kind of purchase with a gift card (when I can really justify a indulgence, right?). They are made by Coloron, and are called "EyeEnvy". There are a variety of kits, I did purchase this one, the "Exotic Kit", as well as "Smokey Kit" and "Tropics Kit".

I have to say that I am extremely pleased with the results. Sephora also provides a brochure in pdf that you can download to help with the application. Check out this link for a preview:

I did first apply an eye shadow primer, as my lids do get a bit oily. I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

From there, I followed the step by step instructions, which I had printed out and taped to my mirror (tip). With the Exotic appliqué, I did not do the "tapping or blending" techique that they recommend for the other appliqués. I did lightly dust the "GetSet" powder that is included in the kit, and I also lightly dusted a bit of a light gold shadow by Ben Nye as some additional insurance!

I felt that the colors were quite vivid, they did wear well for a normal day of wear. I am sure that they would hold up quite nicely for a night out on the town, and I could only imagine how incredible it would be to add some fun eye lashes for a complete "Exotic" look. (Insert cougar growl here!)

I would say that I probably have a couple more times to use these appliqués, so when you remove them, gently put them down on your counter, powder side up, and you can probably get at least another application or two out of them. They are a bit expensive, $25 for the entire kit which includes FIVE appliqués, a jar of the "GetSet" powder and an application brush. And, I just saw that Sephora offers a fun kit for the Holidays, too! A total must have!

I will do another trial application with my daughter soon, we will tape and post to YouTube for anyone interested in a step-by-step visual snapshot of how to apply and enjoy this new, unique, and really fun product. Check these out, enjoy, and please feel free to leave any input or feedback if you have tried these with similiar, or different results!

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