Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Top Beauty Trends for 2009

I recently read that Mintel, an international research consultancy, revealed their annual "Mintel Beauty Innovation" report. Interesting trends were highlighted in this report, many that I think that great relevance to those of us who love beauty products and are looking to what will be new and exciting.

I can already see from my observations (hanging out at Sephora, or department store Beauty Department for any length of time becomes a legitimate social/scientific experiment in my book!) and from talking to those in the beauty industry and those that follow it as obsessively as I do, that consumers are spending less on beauty products. Many of us want beauty products that are multi-functional, that perform a couple of beauty "tasks" for us, as we can then feel that we are getting two, even three, products for the price of one. A great example is a product like Benefit's "You Rebel" that offers a tinted moisturizer that also has SPF 15. So, when I use that product, I am moisturizing, getting some sheer daytime coverage AND protecting my skin. (p.s. you can check it out for yourself by clicking on my Benefit banners =====>>>>>)

Here are the real scientific observations that Mintel discovered:

1. "Austerity Chic": Consumers are tightening their budgets, and will be much more selective with the products they do buy. Disposable income has a huge impact on the beauty industry. Consumers will have a "targeted" approach to their beauty routines. Instead of experimenting and splurging on several eye colors, for example, they will buy one special set of eye colors that they know work for them and they will feel good about.

2. "Turbo Beauty": Consumers will continue to shift toward "science-based" products that actually do live up to their promises. How many times have we indulged in the latest "beauty science breakthrough" only to be out a great deal of money with a product that simply did not perform as this Dr. or that Dr. promised? These advancements will have their roots in serious scientific advancements, like stem cell research, cellular research and new peptides.

3. "Extreme Ethical": This goes beyond the debate of animal testing and into other areas of ethics including Fair Trade ingredients, truly eco-friendly packaging (Finally! Really, some of these products take up an entire waste can to just get to that kohl liner!), sustainable production and charitable initiatives.

4. "Beauty Foods": This trend will focus on not just the external application of beauty products, but actually consuming foods and drinks that impact our beauty regime and skincare. Borba is a leader in this "Beauty Food" movement, and I know many people who swear that the Borba products have improved their complexion, their skin tone and their overall appearance.

I would love to hear your input on these trends, and any trends that you see upcoming for beauty products.

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