Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Inspirations, continued...

Recently, I blogged about some gorgeous hibiscus in my backyard that totally inspired me. I have been thinking a lot about inspirations lately and wanting to find a new approach to my jewelry and jewelry design.

I loved the color of the hibiscus, and felt that it somehow represented my desire to create bold and bright jewelry.

After decorating the tree, I noticed two ornaments that the kids had put on the tree. They were a couple of gorgeous Christopher Radko hibiscus ornaments. One in bright pink...

...another in a vibrant, sunny yellow!

Those two ornaments were right in the front of the tree, and in the midst of many other brightly colored and sparkly ornaments, those two truly jumped out at me. I think that they are yet another sign, another message for me to receive this inspiration and continue forward to find a new energy with which to bring to my designs.

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