Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shopping Tips for the 25 Days of Christmas: Tip #10

After over 15 years in retail, I am a true veteran in knowing what categories are strong for retailers to make margin. One such category are those adorable "stocking stuffer" type items you see all around the stores this time of the year. In fact, here is a tip to get completely FREE stocking stuffers!


While shopping, ask for samples! Makeup counters, fragrance counters, handbags and accessory stores, almost any department store has free samples, all you have to do is ASK!

I am sure that most of us will do some shopping at our favorite department store this holiday season. I know that I have purchased some cosmetics lately and every single time I ask for samples. At the fragrance counter, I ask for samples to take home and try the fragrance before I purchase it. I have even received free key chains and a free makeup bag for asking.

Many of us hate to ask, but they offer the samples for a reason: not only to help you make future purchases, but as a small "thank you" for your business. I have received at least 25-30 small stocking stuffer-type items while doing my holiday shopping just from the last month or so. I encourage you to ask, you may be pleasantly surprised by how many great stocking stuffer items you can get for free while doing your normal holiday shopping! I even asked at an electronics retailer, and received a free pair of ear buds for an ipod. Why not?!

I am not advocating taking advantage, but I am advocating making every dollar you spend work for YOU.

p.s. Looking for stocking stuffers for the eco-friendly and green living person on your list? Here are some amazing offers!

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