Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shopping Tips for the 25 Days of Christmas: Tip #16

Many retailers offer a variety of frequent shopper programs, and I am sure that many of us take advantage of them in one way or another. Retailers have to differentiate and in a retail environment in which so much looks and seems the same one true way they have to keep hold your attention is to offer you rewards for your hard-earned discretionary spending! But have you truly thought about how you could leverage that buying power all year long to pay off for you at the holidays? While this tip is offered in December, this is a tip that you can be thinking of all year long...


Leverage your year-long shopping with retailers that offer frequent shopper awards to get "free" holidays gifts and stocking stuffers!

This is a tip that all of us can truly follow all year to "cash" out for the holiday season! I shop a variety of retailers and always inquire about their frequent shopper/rewards programs to get free Spanx, free makeup and beauty products, free groceries, free clothing, free stocking stuffers and more! You are already giving them your business, you deserve to get something back for that is a great added bonus!

I simply have a small wallet in my purse that holds the rewards cards or frequent shopper cards to ensure that I have them on me at all times. Just make sure that you know if any of the rewards "expire" as some of them have to be used in a certain time frame. However, many, like my BeautyOne cards, had no expiration date and I was able to cash in over $120.00 for free makeup and beauty products!

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