Monday, December 1, 2008

25 Holiday Shopping Tips for the 25 Days of Christmas: Tip #6

During my over 15 year retail tenure, I was known for building strong sales cultures. What is a sales culture? A culture in your store in which your team is laser focused on sales through product knowledge, instocks, great customer service and other key elements of a sales culture.

Retail teams are trained to not only provide you with the product knowledge you need to make your purchase, but if they are well-trained, they also know how to sell you expensive, high margin add-ons that can easily take you from making your budget to busting your budget!


Beware the add-ons, stick to your planned purchase.

Do your research upfront. Know what you need to make your product work to your expectations. Cables to connect a flat screen or a game system to your entertainment center can cost an arm and a some cases almost as much as your gaming system! Know exactly what you need, and only buy to that need.

I can be completely candid in telling you that retailers do not want you to be that knowledgeable. They rely on you needing THEIR knowledge, and expect that consumers come to them for the "answers". That is fine, if you want their "answers" that have the most expensive solutions to your consumer product inquiries.

p.s. No upselling here. Fantastic food items for your holiday needs, or gift-giving needs!

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