Friday, December 5, 2008


I recently received my first BeautyFix shipment, and I am bursting at the seams to share how incredibly pleased and excited I am! I have done countless makeup memberships, autoships, and ended up with lots of pretty expensive tester-sized no-name "makeup" and "beauty products". (Using quotations as I would not claim some of those products to be makeup or beauty products at all!)

What is BeautyFix? As Beauty Fix states, "BE THE FIRST TO KNOW, FIRST TO TRY! As a Beautyfix member, you’re privy to a sampling of the latest hand-picked, high-performance products, as well as the inside scoop on anything and everything beauty-related from industry experts and beauty aficionados alike." Beauty Fix is $50 for a quarterly subscription. Yes, $50 is a lot of money, however, here is exactly what I received, you are seeing it all as I unpack it!

Here is the Beautyfix bag, directly out of the box. It is a nicely quilted and embroidered makeup bag. So far, so good...

BeautyFix bag opened! VOILA! This bag is obviously packed with all kinds of goodies! First out:

Jane Iredale, 24-Karat Gold Dust Powder. Full Size Retail Value: $12.00

This product is divine, I tried to capture how lovely the rosy color is with flecks of genuine 24-Karat Gold! This would be gorgeous on the cheeks, or anywhere else you want a bit of a rosy-golden glow! I am excited to even try it on my eyes!

NOC-Out Cover-Up Compact. Full Size Retail Value: $38.00

This compact is wonderful and contains a generous portion of three lovely and silky concealers: yellow, peachy-beige and salmon. These three concealers will help to hide a bevy of skin concerns, and can be blended to be perfect for your skin tone!

Kronos Phyx Full. Size Retail Value $105.00

Phyx is a "ph-antastic" overnight hair treatment. I personally can't wait for tonight to try this one, with the dryer winter conditions, this can help to repair damaged, dull hair while you sleep!

Perricone MD, Firming Neck Therapy. Full Size Retail Value $95.00

I have been looking for a great product to try to ensure that I keep my neck firm. Often, that is one of the places on the body that you can tell a woman's true age!

Amarte, Aqua Veil Pure Hydration Serum. Full Size Retail Value: $42.00

Amarte is a Korean product making its US debut. Again, much like with my hair getting so dry in the winter, this lightweight serum may just perform wonders in hydrating my skin! It smells like cucumber, and has a mineral dense water base and wonderful herbal extracts. In Asia, this product is referred to as "Magic Water"!

Amarte, Natural Wonder Cream. Full Size Retail Value: $90

BeautyFix included this as a bonus, and this Natural Wonder Cream is a combination of pine extract, argan oil and sulfur. These combined can help to soothe and further hydrate the skin. My dermatologist recommends products with sulfur for my skin type, so I am excited to try this product as well!

Sensa. 15 Day Trial Retail Value: $29.50

I have heard wonders about Sensa, and am going to try it myself in the New Year. It is based in science of smells and aromas and how we are drawn to eat (and overeat) by our sense of smell. I cannot wait to get started with this product (maybe I can even knock out a few pounds BEFORE the New Year!).

PCA Skin, pHaze 9 Purifying Mask. Full Size Retail Value: $56.00

This is a fast-acting refining mask and exfoliating scrub all in one product! Red Sea algae, French red clay and red wine extract brighten skin while essential oils hydrate. I am about to use this product, so I need to stop typing soon!

M LAB, Anti-Aging Treatment Cream. Full Size Retail Value: $260.00

Last but not least, is an anti-aging cream referred to as the "Rolls Royce" of skin cream. Peptides, anti-oxidants and hydration firm the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Sold!

All of these products for only $50.00. Amazing! I wanted to share each item with you so you can see the true value. These are not little trial sizes, or simply a one-time sample. These are amazing products and respected brands at a price that is too good to be true!

In addition, as a BeautyFix member, you have the ability to get these products and many others at huge savings. One such member exclusive: A Redpoint Makeup Clutch, Mascara, Shadow Duo, Eyeliner, Shadow Brush and Blushwhip all valued at $141.50 for only $59.00!

Come and join me! View my profile (still under construction a bit!) at If you would like to join in on the BeautyFix bounty, please let BeautyFix know that I helped to refer you! I deeply appreciate the referral, and I truly hope that you invite your beauty product-loving friends and family to also indulge in these amazing products at such a great value! And, products change with each quarterly shipment, so you can look forward to more shipments of cutting-edge products!

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