Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shopping Tips for the 25 Days of Christmas: Tip #13

If you have been following these tips, you will already know that I have blah, blah, blah years in retail blah, blah, blah management. Well, one thing that I can share with you is that when it comes to retail management, you are looking to run your store as smoothly as possible. With that "smoothly as possible" comes many "not so smooth" customer challenges and concerns.

I have always trained my teams, and I believe this to be fairly universal in the retail world (at least those retailers with a shot at survival!) that if a customer asks for something reasonable, it is reasonable to grant that wish. Reasonable is in the eye of the beholder, or hurried retail manager, in this case. What I am going to advocate in this tip is very, very, VERY reasonable: When it comes to your online shopping, you have to ASK for something very easy for an online retailer to do to make you happy and click through to buy your shopping cart:



Not a huge secret, really. Most retailers have an online code that they can offer you for free shipping. All you have to do is ask. The best place to go to is a live online customer service "chat" associate. Trust me, if you ask, they will give the free shipping code (along with other great shopping codes that they may be offering!).

Google your favorite online retailer for free shipping codes, and you can also find that there are many sites and blogs out there that will give you those very codes! Here is a fabulous site, I found this site on Twitter, a great place to find such resources.

Speaking of Twitter, log on and send out a message to see if anyone can give you codes for a website that you are interested it. I have seen people helping each other out on Twitter, it is a great place to network and find such information. ( can follow me at!

You can also email or call the online retailer, but often at this time of the year, response times are longer than usual. If you are trying to lock into a great price, or have a short timeframe, that may not work.

p.s. Here is one online retailer that is offering free shipping: Benefit! For any of you that have beauty enthusiasts on your holiday list (or you need to get some special beauty products for yourself!) Click on these links for some of the best beauty products out there with fantastic savings!!!!

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