Thursday, December 4, 2008


Admitted, I have taken a bit of a "break" from my jewelry design. I think that for many of us, as artists and "creative types", it can be great to step away for a minute or two and step back to see the bigger picture. It can be a quiet, introspective time to look at the world a bit differently, possibly learn a new aspect to our craft (or another!) and find new inspirations.

Inspiration can certainly come in many different forms. I have always been inspired by nature, and have tried to work those organic themes into my designs. My love for the beach, for example, is often reflected in my work.

I found some new inspirations, I believe, just this morning. Outside, drinking my coffee, this is what welcomed me this morning, this amazing array of hibiscus blooms:

Yes, even on December 4th, these beauties are bursting with color and vying for the sunlight!

I looked at each one more closely, to see its full glory...At first, my favorite was this amazing yellow, so yellow-licious it hurt my eyes!

Then, on further inspection, I fell for the graceful, more quiet loveliness of this incredible coral blossom:

Then, my heart truly stopped. This showy pink blossom called out to me!

I truly began to think that these blooms were trying to send me a message...that I, too, should find the sun. I, too, need to bloom. I, too, can bring a bit of color, hope, joy, loveliness to someone else.

I am already plotting and planning my next collection...Inspiration.

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Graciela Testa Lynt said...

Nature is the most amazing inspiration. I was driving thru my neighborhood recently, past the usual streets, when a large evergreen I've seen a million times before actually spoke to me. I had to stop the car and listen! Beautiful photos!