Tuesday, December 2, 2008

25 Holiday Shopping Tips for the 25 Days of Christmas: Tip #9

After over 15 years in retail, I am a true veteran in knowing what categories are strong for retailers to make margin. One such category are those adorable "stocking stuffer" type items you see all around the stores this time of the year. These are huge margin categories for retailers, and while I love to indulge in some of them, and certainly will again this year, I think that there is a fantastic alternative to finding fun stocking stuffers!


Go to the "Dollar Store"-type retailers for fun stocking stuffers!

I have found that most of the items that I would use for stocking stuffers or to fill little gift bags for parties, school parties, etc., are at the .99 store! They may not have the fancy brand name, or slightly less fancy packaging, but they are the same item, for much less money! And, when you can save a bit on stocking stuffers you can either keep that savings, or put it toward something special for the family.

p.s. Looking for stocking stuffers for the eco-friendly and green living person on your list? Here are some amazing offers!

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