Monday, December 1, 2008

25 Holiday Shopping Tips for the 25 Days of Christmas: Tip #8

As a retail veteran, I have studied upclose many aspects of consumer spending and what makes consumers spend more at any given retail store. One aspect of consumer spending is the aspect of group suggestive selling, or a kind of "pack" mentality that occurs when people shop in larger groups.

This is very common when parents shop with their kids. Kids watch TV, they see commercials for all of that neat stuff that they "need" (read: want) and when they go shopping with mom and dad those savvy kids "suggestive sell" those "needs" to their parents! I love to shop with friends, and often take a friend when I am making an important shopping decision so they can help gauge what looks good on me, if something fits right, etc. However, that friend subconsciously suggestive sells to me as well. Retailers LOVE this, and will use commercials to show parents shopping with their kids, gals with their girlfriends, etc.


If you can, with your personal safety first in mind, shop alone.

I do stress "if you can" in this shopping tip as I would always err on the side of safety first. If you are shopping at odd hours, when it is dark, or you are carrying larger sums of cash, this tip may not be the right one for you.

However, you can still shop using the "buddy system". With cell phones you can keep in contact via calls or text messages and still do your targeted shopping alone, while your friend or family member does their targeted shopping alone. Doesn't sound like much fun? Well, you will save money, you will stay on your budget, and you can always enjoy a great cup of mocha or lunch together!

And, truly, I do advocate if possible not shopping with your kids. Retailers deliberately merchandise their stores year around with kids in mind, however, at this time of the year they make it all the more dangerous! What you spend on a babysitter may be well worth the investment in what you save when you do not fall prey to kids begging for this and that..."this and that" can add up too quickly!

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kim* said...

great tips. I typically shop alone, especially without kids cause they know what they want...EVERYTHING